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Friday, February 18, 2011


CLASSES - let's have some fun!
Join me in your own kitchen. Together, we’ll make some great-tasting dishes: have fun while we’re at it and then sit down to enjoy the results. Whether you’re a novice who needs practical help or an accomplished cook looking to expand your repertoire, you’ll get to work on some exciting recipes, pick up a few cool presentation ideas and have a lovely meal at the end of it!
You don’t have to bring anything except a generous dose of enthusiasm, a genuine love for food and the course fees. "All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided."

The cooking class format is based on a “hands on” approach to cooking; I believe that you must get dirty to get the most out of the classes.
a. Class size is limited to 10 people.
b. Class begins by discussing the menu and specific new ingredients that may be unfamiliar to some guests.
c. Techniques that are recipe specific are next detailed and shown.
d. After the demonstration the class splits up into smaller groups and prepares the meal, with the guidance.
e. Each person will gain experience working on all the dishes.
f. The ingredients are pre-measured and set out on trays, simplifying the preparation of the dish.
g. The cooking time for the whole menu is about 4 hours.
h. Once the menu is assembled we take off our aprons and sit down for the meal.
i. You will receive a recipe hands out of all the dishes that will be cooked.
j. Please choose the cooking session when you have gather the people and make a booking for a date.
we encourage spouses or partners to attend the “meals” as a way to be part of the session – but from the sidelines. Some partners have found that it is nice to share the cooking and the eating.

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
, unless upon request

A note to students...
Class format
Upon arrival, participants are being handed their aprons and recipe folders. After a short introduction to the theme, students working on their own or in groups (depending on the particular class) prepare their recipes from scratch. I’m at hand to help out, demonstrate special techniques or pass on a useful tip or two. Class ends with a sit-down meal of the dishes prepared.
To keep things simple for everyone, no prepayments are required to secure a place in a class, but participants are kindly requested to be considerate. Places are limited, so if for any reason, you are unable to attend a class (or classes) that you have booked, kindly notify me by email or phone as far in advance as possible (at least a week ahead) so that your place may be offered to another student. Fees are collected (in cash) when you turn up for class. On rare occasions, a class may be cancelled or postponed due to low attendance or other unavoidable circumstances. At such times, I shall make every effort to inform you of the changes as far in advance as possible. Kindly refer to the calendar for a look at current classes.

The theme menu:
1. Lasagne al Forno – baked lasagne
RM80 per person
a. Bolognese meat sauce
b. Pasta dough
c. Béchamel sauce
d. Garlic Bread
e. Kiwi strawberry smoothie ( cold thick drinks )

2. Light and Easy – snack food
RM80 per person
a. Panizza
b. Club sandwich
c. Shepherd Pie
d. Chicken Fingers with tar-tar sauce
e. Orange Julius Shake

3. BBQ Party
RM 100 per person
A barbecue party is a great way to entertain – it’s fun, casual and simple to put together. This class offers a broad range of interesting recipes for marinades, salads and breads.
a. Prawns with garlic and herb butter
b. Grilled Tandoori chicken with condiments
c. Lamb with rosemary marinade and bbq sauce
d. Beef Fajitas (with homemade tortillas)
e. Baked potatoes and condiments
f. Potato salad, green salad, tomato salad, seafood salsa
g. Grilled vegetables

4. Chopping and Slicing
RM 80
Cooking can’t be a joy if you spend it crying over the onions and struggling to slice the carrots. Come pick up some useful knife skills so you too, can chop, shred and slice like a pro. We’ll cook the following menu:
a. Fried spring rolls with chili dip
b. Beef (or chicken), vegetable & glass noodle salad – Thai salad
c. Fried noodles with chicken and vegetables
d. Tropical fruit salad with ginger syrup
Students working in group tackle all of the above.

5. One Malaysia n Flavors’
RM100 per person
Learn to achieve the proper balance of flavors’ that make these deliciously authentic cuisines.
a. Salmon Fish Head Curry
b. Masak assam pedas ikan pari
c. Chicken korma with potato
d. Vegetables Dhalcha
e. Chicken kapitan
f. Beef rendang minang
g. Manggo Lassie ( Indian mango and yoghurt drinks )
Impress your Friends….
RM100 per person
Special occasion dinner. However, when you reproduce this menu at home, you’ll find that many of the dishes can, in fact, can be made several hours or days ahead, leaving you cool and collected when your guests troop in …
a. Smoked Salmon canapés with apple and walnut salad
b. Boned roast lamb rack with herb crust
c. Homemade orange mint sauce
d. Potato au gratin (sliced potatoes baked with cream and cheese)
e. Paper-wrapped baked vegetables with fresh herbs
f. Baked Alaska (meringue covered ice cream cake)

6. Be Chicken Craze…!
RM 100 per person
There is more than one way to skin a chicken
a. Roast whole chicken with herbs and garlic chicken juice(with roast vegetables)
b. Chicken cordon Bleu with black pepper sauce
c. Chicken curry with tomatoes and coriander
d. Spicy chicken soup
e. Malaysian-style fried chicken with homemade chilli sauce
f. Ayam masak merah

7. Easy Pasta
RM120 per person
This class features quick, easy pasta sauces you can literally put together in minutes!
a. Zucchini, garlic and parmesan
b. Creamy cheese and beef bacon (Carbonara)
c. Tuna, tomato capers & olives
d. Marinara (seafood in tomato sauce)
e. Boscaiola (Mushroom, garlic and cream)
f. Tomato, chili and cream
g. Garlic & chicken

8. Fish all the Way
RM 100 per person
We will learn how to identify fresh fish and different varieties of fish.
a. Thai fish cakes with cucumber and onion salsa
b. Grilled Fish with munierre sauce
c. Fish head soup
d. Otak-otak Nyonya (fish slices steamed with a spicy custard)
e. Ikan berlada (fried fish with chilli paste)
f. Berry Blast n Banana Smoothie

9. Noodles my way
RM 80 per person
Its the ultimate crowd pleasers. Get rave reviews from family and friends with these recipes:
a. Nyonay Mee Curry
b. Soto Ayam
c. Mee Goreng Mamak
d. Cantonese Noodles (Yee Mee, Kway Teow)
e. Exotic Mango Smoothie (thick mango drinks with tofu and honey)

10. Easy Japanese
RM 120 per person
Chef Mustaffa (10 years experience as Japanese Chef) is able to join us to show us the best way to tackle timeless classics such as sushi rolls and tempura.
Sushi Rolls
Assorted tempura
Cold soba with a variety of dipping sauces
Braised mixed vegetables
Red bean jelly (dessert)

11. Kuih Muih Istimewa
RM 80 per person
the traditional savory snacks and sweet desserts will never go out of style…….
a. Cucur badak (sweet potato doughnuts with savoury coconut filling)
b. Kuih keria (sweet potato ring doughnuts with caramelized palm sugar coating)
c. Kuih cara berlauk (savory molded cakes)
d. Seri Muka
e. Talam Keladi ( sweet yam )
f. Lepat Labu

12. The Italian Job
RM 80 per person
This Italian menu is simple yet elegant - with recipes that you will use again and again
a. Pasta and Bean Soup ( pasta e Fagioli )
b. Pasta, mushroom and roasted red pepper salad with Italian Dressing
c. Asparagus with butter and Parmesan cheese
d. Chicken Cacciatora (simmer chicken in tomato sauce)
e. Poach pear desserts with vanilla sauce
f. Old fashioned Coffee Soda (cold drinks)

13. Love the green…..
RM 80 per person
Do you avoid lunch or dinner leftover? Fret not, because I have a few good ideas about what to do with those dishes …
a. Shepherd’s pie with herbed potato topping ( chicken, beef or fish )
b. Curried pot pies ( chicken, beef or fish )
c. Baked pasta pie ( chicken, beef )
d. Grilled fish “Pais”( fish with fresh herbs )
e. Chicken, vegetable and pasta soup (minestrone) with garlic & herb toasts
f. Toasted pita sandwiches ( chicken, fish, vegetables )
g. Vegetable wraps ( rolled tortilla bread )
14. Malaysian Tea Break
RM 80 per person
Malaysians generally favors something with a bit more “substance” such as Roti jala with
a. spicy chicken curry or hot curry puffs and more our style of sweets ….
b. Roti jala (with chicken curry)
c. Spicy curry puffs (karipap )
d. Kuih kosui (steamed brown sugar cakes with grated coconut)
e. Kuih talam berlapis (layered rice cake)
f. Ciudad Cooler (cold coffee drinks with spice and cream)

15. Fast Speedy Pasta
RM 80 per person
Here’s the sequel to the all-time popular Easy, Speedy Pasta. This class features a range of deliciously interesting recipes to widen your repertoire.
a. Prawn, asparagus & garlic
b. Roast duck & sun-dried tomato
c. Meatballs in tomato sauce
d. Roast vegetable & tomato
e. Creamy seafood (prawn, squid & clam)
f. Chicken, red pepper & mushroom

16. Pasta Fiesta
RM 80 per person
Make fresh egg pasta in the classic Italian tradition and fashion it into ribbons (tagliatelle), little filled “hats” (capeletti), bows (farfalle) or lasagne.
a. Tagliatelle with ragu (meat sauce)
b. Tagliatelle with squashed baby peas and butter
c. Wide ribbons tossed with roasted red pepper strips and sage butter
d. Little pasta “hats” filled with pumpkin & served in a clear broth
e. Spinach lasagne layered with meat & cream sauce

17. Herbs and flavors….
RM 90 per person
Discover the fantastic flavors’ of basil, dill, thyme and rosemary …
a. Roast leg of lamb with rosemary & garlic, with its own gravy
b. Grilled Chicken with cream tarragon sauce
c. Pan-fried fish fillets with dill or chive butter
d. Tomato and basil pasta sauce
e. Pesto (for pasta)
f. Coleslaw with dill

18. Superb Pizza
RM 100 per person
we have fantastic dough to choose from! Not only will we have great fun making our pizza, we’ll enjoy chomping them down as they emerge from the oven…

Pizza bases:
Plain dough

Whole meal dough
Tomato, mozzarella & basil
Potato & herbs
Mushroom & garlic
Smoked salmon
Pumpkin with chickpeas & feta, Zucchini & thyme

19. Sea and Country
RM80 per person
Cooking like a chef of a la carte, impress your friend with your skills..
a. grilled crusted lamb cutlet
b. chicken chop
c. ceaser salad
d. classic mushroom soup
e. baked stuffed apple

20. Malaysian way of Rice….
RM 80 per person
We’ll cook some of the most popular rice dishes in the country:
a. Nasi Lemak (including sambal tumis, tamarind-fried fish, etc.)
b. Chicken rice (rice, roast chicken, chilli and ginger sauce, soup, etc.)
c. Nasi kunyit with chicken curry
d. Nasi Minyak served with ayam masak kicap
e. Nasi Kerabu Kelantan (East coast herb rice with traditional accompaniments)

21. The Tapas Table
RM 120 per person
In the south of Spain they are called tapas whereas in the northern Basque region, they are referred to as pintxos (or “pinchoes”). But the idea is the same – a variety of tasty morsels served in small portions.
a. Squid stuffed with sweet onion and served with tomato sauce
b. Grilled prawns topped with red capsicum dressing
c. Mushroom pastries
d. Potato tortilla (wedges of potato omelette cooked in olive oil)
e. Bread slice topped with crabmeat salad
f. Fried eggplant slices with roast capsicum on bread
g. Mini beef steak on bread slice (sollo mio)
h. Pasta "risotto" with baby squid

22. Breakfast plate……
RM80 per person
The simple way of preparing the American breakfast at home…
a. Omelet with variety of fillings
b. French toast
c. Hash brown
d. Bircher Muesli – Swiss cold oats porridge
e. Grilled stuffed tomato

23. Pies, tarts and chocolate
RM 90 per person
We move on to slightly more ambitious recipes such as the utterly delicious chicken pie, a spectacularly good lemon meringue pie and a heart-stopping velvet chocolate tart.
a. Chicken (or beef) Pie with whole meal pastry
b. Lemon Meringue Pie
c. Fresh coconut and caramelized pineapple tart
d. Velvet chocolate tart
e. Guava delight ( cold smoothie drinks )

24. Soups
RM 80 per person
Spicy lamb and tomato soup
Cream of cauliflower soup
Cream of mushroom soup
Seafood chowder

25. Noodles power – section 1
RM 80 per person
My types of noodles can be found in supermarket sold fresh or dried …. Those variety means we have great, easy-to-cook recipes; even when time is of the essence.
a. Penang char kway teow (flat rice noodles)
b. Stir-fried glass noodles with chicken and vegetables
c. Dry Wonton noodles with chicken & mushrooms
d. Vietnamese noodle soup (with beef and fresh mint leaves and basil leaves)
e. Double fruit shake ( cold drinks with strawberry, banana and yogurt)

26. Noodles power – section 2
RM 80 per person
a. Cantonese-style noodles (with prawns, chicken and vegetables)
b. Tahi Fried Noodles (fired mee hoon Thai style with tauchu)
c. Stir-fried loh shi fun* with chicken strips and beansprouts
d. Kway teow with sliced beef, ginger and spring onion
* Noodles shaped like little “rat’s tails”!
e. Berry blast and Banana Smoothie

27. Quick & Easy Favorites’
RM 120 per person
“No time to cook” will no longer be your theme song when you have these easy, one-dish recipes at hand.
Lamb and vegetable stew
Chicken chop with mushroom sauce
Beef stroganoff with parsley butter rice
Macaroni cheese with broccoli and spicy sausages
Lemon chicken
Grilled lamb or chicken kebabs on orange butter rice

28. Well Stacked
RM 100 per person
what’s your take on the sandwich? Is it a dainty, delicate morsel to serve at teatime or a meal-size triple-decker monster? Well, they can be both. In this class we’ll demonstrate how very versatile, scrumptious and fabulous sandwiches can be.

Chicken pesto with cherry tomato salad
Egg salad with chives and watercress salad
Grilled vegetable & cheese
Steak sandwich with rocket, tomato & caramelized onion
Triple Decker grilled herb chicken
New Orleans Po’ Boy (crumbed prawns with spicy mayonnaise) with coleslaw

29. All time Puddings cream and trifles…..
RM 130 per person
Come and lets make some of the most well-loved desserts of all time.

Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce
Apple Crumble & “Real” custard (crème anglaise)
Bread & Butter Pudding
Upside down Pear Gingerbread
Classic English Trifle

30. Cookies for the Cookie Jar
RM 100 per person
Always having a jar of homemade cookies safely stashed away means you’ll always be prepared for unexpected visitors …

Oatmeal lime crisps
Chunky chewy chocolate cookies
Spiced date bars
Coffee hazelnut fingers
Apricot & orange drops

31. Fabulous Desserts
RM100 per person
All your favourite “restaurant” desserts, reproduced right in your own kitchen.…
Gooey-centred chocolate puddings
Créme brulee
Baked cheesecake with 3 toppings
Caramelized upside-down apple tart (Tarte Tatin)

32. Small Indulgences
RM 130 per person

Cupcakes are the perfect indulgence – easy to make and small enough to devour without guilt. Prettily decorated and packaged, they make fantastic gifts.

Dark chocolate & sour cream cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting
Spicy gingerbread cupcakes with lemon glaze
Espresso cupcakes with butterscotch frosting
Vanilla bean cupcakes with crushed strawberry butter cream
Coconut cupcakes with lime cream cheese frosting

33. Super Scones & Muffins
RM 130 per person
Size isn’t everything, is it? If you are looking for respite from the monster scones and muffins on the market, you have come to the right place. We will bake moderately sized muffins with plenty of heart and soul...

Multi-grain scones served with a trio of tropical jams
(Mango, banana and pineapple)
Savoury herb & cheese scones sandwiched with smoked salmon
Banana muffins with walnut crumble topping
Pandan muffins with crunchy coconut topping
Chunky apple cinnamon muffins (with real apple chunks!)
Dark chocolate muffins with raspberry centers.

34. Sweet & Sticky
RM 80 per person
Simple ingredients such as rice flour, coconut, palm sugar and pandan are the key ingredients in many of our traditional cakes. If you have been frustrated in the past by the “agak-agak” (approximation) system so loved by our grandmothers, you will love my metric recipes!

Serimuka (layered cake of glutinous rice with pandan custard)
Kuih koci (glutinous flour cakes with sweet coconut centres)
Kuih dadar (pandan crepes with palm sugar and coconut filling)
Bengka ubi (tapioca cake)
Kuih bakar (baked pandan cake topped with sesame seeds)

35. Sweet & Savory Strudels
RM 130 per person
Entailed and stretching a ball of dough until it was so thin, you were supposed to be able to read a newspaper through it. After years of neglect, recently we discovered the joys of this delicate pastry and look forward to passing on some nifty tips to you. We also added on a couple of delicious savoury versions.

Traditional apple strudel
Banana strudel
Spinakopita (spinach and feta filling)
Minced lamb

36. Stunning Desserts
RM 130 per person

Master the technique for making the perfect sponge and meringue. Treat your family and impress your guests with these glamorous desserts...

Pistachio pavlova with whipped cream and fresh fruit
Chocolate pavlova with whipped cream and fresh berries
Layered Coffee Cake (with caramelized almonds)
Layered Mango Cake

37. Student Fare (4 half days)
9.30 am – 1.00 pm daily. RM 800 per person
This series of classes is designed for the student who is leaving home to live and study abroad. Recipes are quick and easy to put together, have short ingredient lists and can be made in a kitchen equipped with the bare necessities. They include simple, everyday staples to feed homesick souls as well as a few special-occasion dishes suitable for student get-togethers and pot-luck parties. Survival cooking has never tasted better. The maggi mee will be save for the last. Recipes (which can vary and can also be customized) include:

Rice to the Occasion
a. Chicken rice
b. Fried rice
c. “Claypot” chicken rice
d. Spicy Nasi Goreng
e. Easy Nasi Lemak (with sambal)
Curry in a Hurry
a. Chicken & Potato curry
b. Quick Rendang
c. Easy curry laksa
Oodles of Noodles
a. Fried Kway Teow
b. Mee Goreng
c. Cantonese Noodles (with chicken & mushrooms)
d. Fried Meehoon
Homesickness Cures
a. Sesame Chicken with Mushrooms
b. Stir-fried vegetables
c. Sweet & Sour fish (or chicken)
d. Oriental "bolognaise"
e. One-pot chicken & vegetable soup

Saturday, November 28, 2009


is there anybody out there knows our Malaysian food ranking to the Iternational standard?


lets give a thought of how is our food quality, what should we do to improve our Malaysian food quality to ensure it can be recognise throuh out the world. We have to be seroius for our future generation to ensure all the spices and herbs that originally use by our late, late grandpa and grandma use to be still remain in our dishes without altering for the purpose of quantity and money saving.